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Property in France


With an eclectic mix of innovative city centre attractions and rural country vineyards, France still sees the highest number of foreign visitors each year, making it the most popular country in the world.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a property in France. It is, arguably, the easiest country to travel to for UK residents. The ability to travel by car, ferry, plane and Eurostar in less than a few hours means that it has always been a prominent destination for British tourists. France also has a very affordable intercity transport system and is known for having one of the best train systems in the world, making it easier to travel around the country once you’re there too.

Access to easy travel is necessary as France has an array of attractions and resorts to offer in almost every region. Southern France is well known for its diverse scenery, acres of vineyards and beautiful, sun-trap beaches. Further north, you can find bustling cities, a rich culture and the home of the world famous Disneyland Paris; this is in addition to its rural mountains and ski resorts, for those who prefer something completely different.

Another reason France is such a popular region for those purchasing second homes or relocating is that leaseback mortgages and low interest rates mean property prices remain affordable for British residents. Those looking at investment also benefit from the property market as rental demand results in high occupancy levels all year round. France is regarded as a safe haven for UK buyers and their relaxed lifestyle makes it easy to adjust to a new life overseas.